Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ulta Haul

I apologize for the lack of updates! I have been so busy! I will get to catching up on my followers' blogs right after I post this!

Anyway, I intentionally went into Ulta to buy a heat protection spray...and I came out with these items...all because they were on sale. I didn't even end up getting my spray!! Beauty addict problems.

From left to right:
1. The travel case on the left is a 75 piece collection by Ulta that includes 42 eyeshadows, 20 lip colors, 2 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses, 2 dual ended eyeliners, 4 blush colors, bronzer, and highlighter. I got this for only 10 US dollars!
2. Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner. I have REALLY long and thick, bleached highlighted I am always on the lookout for a good shampoo and conditioner. So far, I'm in love! My hair feels extremely soft! Also 10 US dollars! 
3. Nioxin--system 3 normal to thin-looking hair. I bought this for the hubby. He uses more expensive shampoo and conditioner than I do. -_- 
4. Mariah Carey OPI liquid sand nail polishes! LOVE this!! I promise myself that I'd only buy nail polishes I absolutely cannot live without since I have so much already, but I always give into the new OPI collections. I always buy the full sized ones of the whole collection, so this time I decided to buy the mini ones to see which one I liked and buy the full sized version of that polish later. 

A closer look of the Ulta travel case. What a steal for only 10 dollars, right? :) 

Contents inside the Redken box. Includes a sample of Argan 6 oil. That argan oil does wonders for your hair. I highly recommend adding argan oil to your hair routine! 

See how long my hair is and how hard it is to keep it healthy? I get my my hair done twice a year tops, but it's usually just once a year. The last time I got my hair done, (root touch-up and trim) was in the summer. When I "trim" my hair, it's about 6-8 inches.
  That is ALL my hair. ALL REAL! No extensions! I get asked that all the time and people go as far as touching my hair and looking through it to make sure I don't have extensions. I don't know if I should take it as a compliment or an insult. Haha.
 I take no vitamins. I just eat foods with all of my essential nutrients. My mixed heritage plays a huge part, too...I get benefits of all the right features.:) The Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner definitely helps also!

This is meant for chemically treated, thin looking hair. I tried it just for the heck of it and it definitely makes your hair appear thicker and gives your scalp that nice tingly, clean feeling! 

Now onto the swatches!

From L-R:
Get Your Number. (Matte blue with sparkles.)
Can't Let Go. (Matte purple with sparkles.)
The Impossible. (Matte Fuchsia with star confetti.)
Stay the Night. (Matte black with red glitter.)
This is just one coat of each polish. (With flash.)

Two coats with flash.

Still two coats, but with no flash. just wanted everyone to see a better comparison! :)

I usually stop at two coats, but I wanted to try THREE COATS! Look at that texture. No flash.

Three coats with a top-coat. Even though this nail polish is meant to be matte, I prefer it shiny with a top coat over it. (No flash, just room lighting that makes it look so shiny!)

Now go out and splurge on yourself! :) 


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