Monday, December 3, 2012

Eyelash Extensions

i have had eyelash extensions for awhile now. the first time i got eyelash extensions, it took about an hour and a half to do and she placed about 20-30 eyelashes on my natural eyelashes. my touch ups take about 30-40 minutes and i usually try to get them every 3-4 weeks or when i count my eyelashes and i have about 10 left. 

the picture above is 2 weeks after a touch up. it still looks full, right? :) excuse that one eyelash that is out of place! i should have combed through it before i took this picture.

- can only use an oil-free/water based make-up remover.
- use a lash comb to brush through any eyelashes that get out the one in the picture.
- be gentle! do not pull on them or rub your eyes.
- avoid using oil based products and no waterproof mascara! i wear no mascara at all!

the picture on the right is before i had eyelash extensions. as you can see...they basically look non-existent. i have on only pencil eyeliner that i smudged and i put a little bronzer in my crease.

- SUPER FAST AND EASY TO GET READY. i don't usually wear face make up so i just put on my eye make-up and i'm out the door! i used to spend all this time putting on fake eyelashes or curling and putting on mascara, but not anymore. sometimes i don't even wear eye make-up at all...that's how much of a difference it makes.
- lasts until your natural eyelash falls off, which is about 2-3 weeks. sometimes i can go up to 4 weeks!
- SAVE tons of MONEY! when you first get your eyelash extensions, they're pretty pricey. I've seen them go up to $300. I did a lot of research and got mine for 150 starting,  but the touch ups afterwards cost WAY less than that...though the prices do vary. I used to buy individual eyelashes because I prefer the way they look rather than the strip eyelashes me constantly buying those individual lashes cost me a lot more money than getting my eyelash extensions filled every few weeks.
- no mascara or curling necessary! they already look like they're curled and have mascara on them!
- they look very natural.

- when an eyelash falls off, it's really noticeable since the eyelash extensions are so long and dark. it makes your eyelashes look sparse and gappy...WHAT, okay...that's not a word. but there's a gap where your eyelash that fell off used to be and it will probably bother the crap out of you.
- the maintenance.  it's not that bad, but you do have to be careful when you take off your make up or wash your face.
- the 48 hour time period where you cannot get your eyelashes wet or touch them. yes, you cannot wash your face or wash your hair for two days. which is why i always wash my hair right before my appointment and rely on simple makeup remover wipes. those 48 hours ARE CRUCIAL! one time, i washed my hair the day of my appointment and my eyelashes barely lasted 2 weeks.
- though i did say you save money, it is still a pretty pricey upkeep. i personally do not mind spending the extra money to keep them up, compared to buying false eyelashes constantly.
- you have to be careful when you're sleeping and make sure you're not sleeping in a position where you could potentially mess up your eyelashes, or your eyelashes end up all weird and it's hard to fix.

anymore questions? feel free to ask!


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  3. wow! what a huge difference!
    are they expensive?
    i will have to look into this!

    1. I know! If you wear false eyelashes every day, the eyelash extensions would be just as much as buying all those false it varies and evens out. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! Your daughter is precious! Following you now. :)

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